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Introducing MADGE, a new era in beauty which fuses the clean skin movement with an effortless all Australian glow.

Founded by Merrin Schnabel, a model and mother of two from Geelong, the brand is a culmination of a lifetime of admiration for beauty instilled by her grandmother and mother, and affectionately reinforced by her brother who nicknamed her "Madge”.

Growing up as a teenage model, Merrin developed a profound appreciation for looking and feeling beautiful from a young age. Always a lover of sport and the outdoors she was guided by the ethos of embracing one's natural glow, MADGE is a celebration of clean, radiant skin and effortless beauty.

Merrin's journey to creating MADGE began with a simple realisation during a conversation with her husband. Reflecting on the one item she always carried with her – her lip gloss – Merrin recognized the opportunity to translate her love for natural beauty into a brand. With a focus on creating products that enhance the natural glow of every individual, MADGE was born. 

Merrin’s love for natural skin, since her early years, inspired her to create the tinted primers. Simple clean beauty solutions that achieve that flawless Australian glow. She came up with the tagline GO and GLOW to encapsulate the simplicity of this ethos. 

From concept to launch, Merrin's dedication and passion for creating a brand that resonates with women of all ages shines through. Embracing the journey of entrepreneurship, she navigated the process with ease, guided by her innate sense of what it means to feel beautiful and empowered. Values she holds dear to heart. 

Madge’s range of products, from illuminating dewy primers to hydrating tinted primers and the perfect lip gloss are all designed to enhance the natural beauty of every woman. With SPF infused into formulations, the brand prioritises not only aesthetics but also skincare and protection. The clear primer can be worn alone for a fresh, natural glow or mixed with the tinted moisturiser for a flawless blend.

Catering to the modern woman's lifestyle, MADGE offers practicality and convenience without compromising on luxury. From the busy mom on-the-go to the outdoor enthusiast seeking a healthy glow, MADGE empowers women to embrace their natural beauty effortlessly.

With MADGE, Merrin Schnabel invites women of all ages to experience the joy of feeling beautiful, confident, and empowered – because beauty truly begins from within. Get ready to Glow and Go with MADGE.